Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration – Here is How It Works

Science took a big step in “curing” hair loss when Platelet rich plasma treatments were discovered. PRP for short, is a treatment that helps stimulate hair follicles to grow. And this treatment is a one of a kind treatment as there is not really any other that is similar to it. The treatment works in […]

Female Pattern Baldness – An Overview

Up to 50 percent of men experience hair loss before hitting 50. Yes, that many, and yes, the issue is that common – as are the treatments. Everything from transplants costing thousands of dollars; to the well known drug Propecia, with its libido-losing side effects; to faithful natural solutions that are long-lasting because they work on making the […]

The Brazilian Blowout – Good for Your Hair, Bad for Your Health

If you are a woman, chances are that you have heard about Brazilian blowout. It’s a hair protectant that gives your hair a glossy, frizz free, hydrated shine for up to three months. The ingredients used when doing a Brazilian blowout are the Brazilian camu camu, annatto seed and acai berries, which sounds harmless enough. But […]

The Difference Between Hair Texture and Hair Types

Do you feel like your hair is lifeless, dull and dry? Is it frizzy and impossible to tame into a “do”? Many articles claim to have tips on how to improve your hair texture. But dry hair is not a hair texture; it just describes what state your hair is in. Your hair texture is […]