The Role of Selenium For Hair Loss and Hair Growth

Selenium for hair loss

Not many people know that you can eat selenium for hair loss prevention, but in fact, you can. Selenium is a mineral and trace element that is a major nutrient and helps the body fight diseases such as cancer. It has tons of benefits, since it is also an antioxidant and plays its role in keeping the metabolic functions of the body. Additionally, it helps several organs function as they should. It is also needed for healthy hair growth and the healing of wounds, burns and other injuries of the skin. Below we will look closer at how selenium really works in regards to hair growth.

How Does It Work? Using Selenium For Hair Loss Prevention

No worries, we will explain. Enzymes are molecules, used for different chemical reactions of the body. Many enzymes use selenium to do their work for them, which makes them more reactive. Some enzymes help the body clean itself from free radicals. These guys are very harmful to the healthy growth of hair and skin cells of the body since they play a major factor in premature aging and weaker hair follicles. Selenium works for healthy hair growth and prevents hair loss, by killing free radicals.

Selenium is more concentrated in the thyroid than in our other organs and is important for the proper functioning of our thyroid hormone. And this hormone in turn plays a huge role in regulating hair loss in patients suffering from the type of hair loss that occurs in patches.


Selenium also activates an enzyme that is important for the regeneration of important antioxidants in the body, such as vitamin C. These further promote hair growth and hair regrowth by killing harmful free radicals. The enzyme also regulates cells’ growth and health, something that has made researchers interested in whether it could be used to treat immune system diseases or be used in cancer treatment.

In addition to all these benefits, selenium also reduces dandruff from the scalp by killing fungus. That is why selenium is an active ingredient of numerous anti-dandruff shampoos. It can also use foods that are rich in protein to boost hair growth. Below we will list foods you can stock up on to get enough selenium for hair loss prevention.

What Selenium Rich Food You Can Eat, And How Much

If you get enough selenium hair loss will not be a problem. So to be sure of that, there are some foods you should make sure to eat.

Foods rich in selenium include Brazil nuts, whole grains, nuts, garlic, beef, liver, tuna, egg, beans, oatmeal and spinach.

Selenium deficiency can occur in people who drink alcohol, smoke or take birth control pills. These substances hinder the proper absorption of selenium in the blood. If you have a selenium deficiency that cannot be helped through dietary intake, selenium supplements are recommended. According to the Huntington College of Health Sciences the recommended daily requirement of selenium is about 25mcg to 50mcg. Since eating selenium for hair loss is a thing, it is a common ingredient in hair growth supplements.

Tip: Stimulate Hair Growth With Our Guide

If you take supplements, be careful to not overdose as it can lead to selenium toxicity.

And lastly, if you do want to make sure you get all the important nutrients to keep your hair growing strong and long, there are many natural hair supplements that contain a mix of all the vitamins you need. Just make sure to keep the balance right.