How Saw Palmetto Benefits Hair Growth

Nutrafol | Saw Palmetto Benefits

Did you know that saw palmetto benefits the growth of your hair? This is just one of many natural remedies for those of us who experience thinning hair. Below we list all the benefits of this palm-like plant.

What Saw Palmetto Is

The Saw palmetto is a plant that has long saw toothed leaves. It can grow small as a shrub or reach 10 feet high if it grows in the right climate. The plant has white flowers and yellow berries that turn black when they are ripe. Native Americans have used these berries for food and medicine for hundreds of years.

It is unclear how exactly saw palmetto works, but it does contain a type of plant-based chemicals. The saw palmetto is believed to affect the amount of testosterone in the body and said to have an anti-inflammatory effect. Its active ingredients include some fatty acids, plant sterols and sugars. It is available as pills, dried berries, liquid or powdered capsules.

What Are Some Saw Palmetto Benefits For My Hair?

Saw palmetto has gained a ton of popularity during recent years since it’s a natural way to fight hair loss. The plant contains components that are similar to those found in hair growth pharmaceuticals. As it is believed to restrict the level of testosterone in the body, which contributes to hair loss. It is believed to stop some hormonal mechanisms that cause loss and thinning of hair.

Saw palmetto also contains Lauric Acid that prevents the conversion of testosterone into DHT, which is another hormone that shrinks the hair follicles and contributes to hair loss.

Nutrafol | Saw Palmetto Benefits

Although there have been very few scientific experiments testing saw palmetto benefits for hair growth, the studies that do exist have seen positive results. In a 2002 study on ten men with androgenetic alopecia – male pattern baldness – there was an improvement in 60 percent of the participants. In a later study of 34 men and 28 women received topically applied saw palmetto extract on the scalp. In this study there was an increased hair density in 35 percent, and 67 percent saw a reduction in scalp sebum production.

Saw Palmetto In Supplements

Pick a hair supplement that contains all natural ingredients. Nutrafol contains a mixture of components proven to benefit hair growth, one of them being saw palmetto. If you choose to take saw palmetto, keep an eye on your daily intake so you do not overdose.

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