No Poo Method – This is What You Need to Know

The growing interest in natural health and beauty has been captivating people around the globe. Many are looking for ways to reduce the amount of chemicals and artificial ingredients in their lives and on their environment. The no poo method is one such method. The method involves decreasing the hair washing frequency. Instead this method […]

Nutrafol Review- Awarded as “Problem Solver” by NewBeauty’s Beauty Choice Awards

Nutrafol won an award as a “Serious Solution for Thinning Strands” when the magazine and trusted beauty source NewBeauty announced the winners in their annual Beauty Choice Awards on March 28th. The Nutrafol review also praises the star ingredient, minoxidil, an ingredient that revitalizes your hair follicles. “Deemed a “hair nutraceutical,” these botanical supplements yield thicker hair by decreasing […]

11 Easy Tricks to Prevent Tangled Hair in the Morning

Dealing with tangled hair can not only be painful and difficult to comb out, it also looks messy. The causes of tangled hair are many, including particular hairstyles and heat products. Curly hair is even more likely to get tangled and long hair is also hard to keep tangle-free. So how do you prevent tangled […]

Dry and Thin Hair? Some Tips on How You Avoid It

Is your hair sending out SOS messages? Dry and dull? Is it frizzy and acting out worse than a rebellious teenager? If so, you may have damaged hair, but worry not, it is not too late to start the healing process and repair dry and thin hair. There are different techniques and treatments such as […]