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There’s a buzz
in the hair.

“A real game changer...many patients
have seen regrowth, thicker hair and a
healthier scalp after using it.”

“Nutrafol has emerged as a leader in
nutraceuticals.It helps provide the
building blocks necessary for healthy
hair growth.”

“Nutrafol has some excellent
ingredients such as ashwaganda and
curcumin that help improve scalp health
at the follicle level. The goal is to make
sure the follicle gets the protein and
nourishment it needs to grow fuller
and healthier hair and to combat the
effects of stress. So many of my patients
comment on how thicker and fuller
their hair has become with so much
less shedding.”

Three straight NewBeauty awards. Winner of
Essence Magazine’s Best Hair Growth Vitamins
award. Loved by hair of all types (mirrors, too).