16 Healthy Hair Tips for Better Hair

We all love a good hair day, don’t we? There’s a little extra bounce in our step when we look good and our hair does what we want it to do. But what if you’re at a loss for how to do hair, or want to know the best healthy hair tips to keep your hair looking fabulous? Lucky for you, we have a few quick hair tips that will have you looking and feeling great every day!

It Starts with Hair Care

Whether you shower in the morning or at night, your hair care regimen starts with clean, well-loved hair. How you care for your hair when you wash it can change everything about how your hair looks and feels, so make sure to:

  • Buy gentle shampoo and conditioner that won’t strip your hair
  • Don’t take a shower every day, as this makes the natural oils on your scalp overreact
  • Avoid scalding hot water, as this dries your scalp
  • Gently dry and brush your hair – no rough toweling or yanking with a brush
  • Trim hair frequently to prevent dead ends from breaking and to make sure the scalp isn’t overburdened by long, tangled ends

While taking care of basic hygiene, you’ll also notice that you do shed a little bit of hair, especially as you comb or dry your hair. This is all very normal! If you’re concerned about how much hair loss is normal, keep in mind that the average person sheds 50 to 100 hairs a day!

If you think you’re losing more than that, it might be time to visit the doctor for a checkup, and you can start supplementing your overall health with a highly recommended hair supplement.

How to Do Hair

While some women just seem like naturals at hair styling and design, others among us don’t know how to use much more than a brush and a ponytail. That’s OK! We’ve got plenty of hair beauty tips right here. When styling your hair for the day or for a night out, try:

  • Buying hair clips and accessories without springs or rubber, as these can snag and break hair
  • Using gentle styling products that don’t have a ton of alcohol in them
  • Styling your hair without excessive heat – twist your hair in buns of brains for natural curl!
  • Avoiding the brush after using sprays or gels – the hair is more brittle and will break when you brush through the product. You’ll also lose your curl!
  • Leaving your hair alone – don’t put your hands through it, or your natural oils will activate and your style will turn greasy in no time.

Overall Health Keeps Your Hair Healthy

While we all love it when our looks and feels great, it needs a little help from time to time. Women deal with a lot in their daily lives, including home and work stress, rushed beauty routines, poor eating habits, and even hormone changes and health concerns.

If you’ve been hoping to find a hair care tip that makes your hair look great but haven’t had any luck, odds are your hair needs a little boost from the inside out. If your hair is thinning, looks less than shiny, or gets overly greasy and limp when you style it, maybe it’s time to:

  • Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals, including Omega 3 fatty acids and B-vitamins
  • Cut down on junk food high in carbs, sugars, and processed ingredients
  • Supplement your body’s deficiencies with a highly recommended hair supplement
  • Reduce stress as much as you can
  • Stop smoking or drinking excessively
  • Seek medical attention for any concerns about your health

Once you’ve started addressing your bodily health, you’ll notice benefits in your hair. Soon, styling will be easier than before, and your hair will hold curl, volume, and shape better than ever!

Final Thoughts on Hair Care and Beauty Tips

A woman’s mood is often a result of how good her hair looks on any given day. Obviously, we all have bad hair days but the idea is to make sure they are few and far between. To keep good hair days around, women should properly care for their hair daily and should do all they can to prevent hair breakage, stripping, and thinning. Frequently trimming your hair and styling it gently will also make sure that your existing hair stays where it is.

But to truly have the hair you’ve always wanted, styled or not, you have to make sure your hair health is solid. Find supplements with tested, eat well, and take care of your body! Your hair will shine when your body is happy and healthy, no matter how you choose to style it.