Understanding the connection between follicles and growth

How does hair growth work? Your head consists of hundreds of thousands of hair follicles, each of those follicles in its own individual phase of hair growth. It’s true, you have fiercely independent hair! Also, if every follicle was synced, you’d lose your hair every rotation of the hair growth cycle. Visible changes in your hair do become noticeable when enough follicles have cycled through a new growth phase, and it’s this cycle that impacts hair growth rates.

So what are the hair growth phases? Glad you asked…

Hair Growth Phases

1. Anagen

The anagen phase of hair growth cycle is just that, the growth phase. Hair cells divide and reproduce quickly, growing new hair. If you feel like “my hair won’t grow” it is because your anagen phase is short. At the end of the anagen phase, an unknown signal causes your follicle to move into the next phase.

2. Catagen

The catagen phase is a transitional phase. Hair follicles that have exited the anagen phase undergo a process that cuts of the follicle’s blood supply from the scalp while they move closer to the surface as it prepares to fall out or be pushed out by the next anagen phase.

3. Telogen

Your hair follicle has now entered the “resting” phase. “Resting” being a nice term for “hair loss” or “falling out”.

How to Grow Your Hair Faster

There are plenty of hair growth tips out there, but simply learning how hair grows is an important part in understanding how to grow your hair faster. Learning how your hair grows is also invaluable for any and all hair growth, hair loss, hair thinning and hair health questions you may have down the road. School’s open, and first up is Hair Growth 101, so if you haven’t checked out our hair growth section, we recommend you checking that out first. Intrepid readers, venture below to learn more about hair growth rates, and how to get longer hair faster.

Say you got a bad haircut and you want to grow out your hair faster to undo your new ‘do. You can look to grow hair faster with vitamins and supplements that support your hair growth function, while also avoiding over-styling and harsh hair care products. Hair vitamins and hair supplements (or “hair pills”) are important because they target the root, instead of staying on the surface treating he symptoms like shampoos and serums. With the right vitamins and supplements, you can optimize internal conditions which will help the anagen phase, or hair growth phase, go more smoothly. When you address the actual root cause and no the symptom, you’ll notice that your hair not only grows faster but is no longer thinning or falling out at alarming rates. The next step is just keeping it up!

Tips for Helping Hair Grow Faster

To keep your new, healthy hair as happy and healthy as possible, you should avoid:

  • Using harsh products that dry your hair or irritate your scalp
  • Using too much heat when you style it
  • Pulling or teasing your hair too much
  • Hot showers, the sun, or chlorine that can dry your scalp and the hair
  • Poor diets – cut out the sugary, fatty junk foods
  • Smoking and drinking