At Nutrafol®, we believe knowledge is everything. If you understand why you’re losing your hair, you’ll be better equipped and empowered to thicken and regrow your hair.

At the start of Nutrafol, our founders teamed up with a group of leading physicians and medical researchers in the field of hair loss to uncover the true nature of why we lose our hair. Our scientific findings broke new ground in the field of hair health. They proved that more than genetics or nutritional deficiencies, hair loss is the result of an accumulation of multiple root causes: stress, hormones, inflammation (as a result of the aging process) as well as genetics (DHT) and nutritional deficiencies. However, most hair vitamins and minerals for hair loss (like biotin), and drugs that treat hair loss (like propecia and minoxidil (Rogaine)) are mono-targeting one root cause instead of targeting these multiple causes of hair loss. Nutrafol multi-targets multiple causes of hair loss using nutraceutical botanical ingredients that are clinically-tested and shown to improve hair growth in men with thinning hair and strengthen hair from within for women.

Today, our hair loss research has become the voice of authority within the medical and scientific community. And Nutrafol continues to invest heavily in research and development to keep pace with the latest scientific discoveries around hair loss, hair health and the ingredients that demonstrate verifiable benefit against hair loss and thinning hair.

We believe strongly in the science, and are driven to share it with you, so you understand what’s happening at your roots and can make your own, better informed decision for how to keep your hair at its healthiest. The following articles represent the latest, most trusted thinking around hair loss and hair health. Visit our science page on our website to learn more as well,