Nutrafol lathered down two of the most common shampoo ingredients

The latest buzzwords in beauty is paraben and sulfate, but it seems that nobody really tells you the reason. Why are parabens bad for you? Or sulfates? Why is it not good to have them as shampoo ingredients? It is known to us that we need to avoid them and many products today now include […]

Scientists are asking: what are the roots of male pattern baldness?

There has been a lot of research about male pattern baldness, leaving this one no exception. A Scottish research team identified close to 300 genetic regions tied to baldness. Some scientists call this a break throw since previous studies could only identify a handful. What does this this discovery mean in terms of male pattern […]

Say goodbye to hair breakage and hello to healthy hair

Maintaining healthy hair can sometimes be very tricky. And it is true that breakage happens when your hair is brittle – from treatments, from elements from pretty much whatever. So to avoid the avoidable, follow these simple steps. Healthy hair starts with… Your shampoo If your hair is even the slightest bit dry, try avoiding […]

Hair growth and you – this is what you can do

Your hair is one of your best accessories – that is something that Nutrafol believes in. So follow these hair growth tips to keep it that way. Hair growth 101 Choose a good hairbrush It all starts with the hairbrush. And the best hairbrush that you can choose for regenerating hair growth, is a boar […]