Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration – Here is How It Works

Science took a big step in “curing” hair loss when Platelet rich plasma treatments were discovered. PRP for short, is a treatment that helps stimulate hair follicles to grow. And this treatment is a one of a kind treatment as there is not really any other that is similar to it. The treatment works in […]

How To Avoid Seasonal Hair Shedding During the Cold Months

The colder season is upon us, and during these winter months it pays off to spend a little extra time and effort on your hair. In a previous post, three experts explained why seasonal hair shedding is occuring. We are continuing on the subject by asking dermatologists Jeremy Fenton and Emily Wise Shanahan what precautions you can take […]

Impossible to Grow a Movember Beard? You Could Have Alopecia Barbae

Movember is upon us and with that a lot of unshaven beards and mustaches. November is the month that represents the fight against diseases that primarily affect men, prostate cancer in particular. To show solidarity with this cause, thousands of men drop their buzzer and let beards grow freely for the month. But this is […]

Menopause Symptoms and Hair Loss – How They Are Connected

Menopause is inevitable, but many women are not aware that hair loss is one of the symptoms of this phase. Unlike male pattern baldness, female hereditary hair loss is subtler and more spread out over the whole scalp. This makes it more difficult to notice, but also harder to treat in time since you may […]