Resveratrol benefits that will help you battle hair loss

Reservstol benefits

Nutrafol recently covered topics such as “What is resveratrol?” and what nutrients contain the substance. So, it shall come as no surprise that the next article in this resveratrol series should be about the resveratrol benefits.

What are the resveratrol benefits?

In a previous article the following was stated: “if you are experiencing hair loss associated with age, using resveratrol supplements will slow the progression of genetically determined hair loss.”
But how does this exactly work?

A study made 2011 in Archives of Biochemistry & Biophysics found that resveratrol was shown to have many therapeutic effects on diseases and disorders. This including those diseases of the skin.
Resveratrols function when it comes to the skin is that it helps to protect it. It protects skin from damage and shows promise in addressing issues related to skin aging. Which is why resveratrol is so wittily referred to as the pharmaceutical fountain of youth.

Now, you may wonder what all this jabbing about skin and skin diseases have to do with resveratrol and hair loss. You see, hair follicles are located within the dermis, one layer of the organ that is your… that is right, your skin.

So overall poor health of the skin will impact the ability of the hair follicle to function normally. A condition that can lead to thinning hair or even hair loss. The role resveratrol plays in promoting healthy skin is one of the contributions it makes in the body’s ability to grow hair

reservstol benefits
Did you know that one of the benefits of resveratrol is that it can help you battle hair loss? So make sure to take supplements with this substance.

And another study…

…released in 2013 made by the Oxford Journal studied the link between resveratrol and improvements in cardiometabolic health. One of many resveratrol benefits that this study did highlight was the potential for improved endothelial function. Endothelial, you may ask? Endothelial function. You see, suffering from an endothelial dysfunction, may have serious effects on your wellness. Meaning that this could cause reduced blood flow to the hair follicles. Which can lead to a reduction in its ability to stimulate continued growth of the hair. And we all know that blood flow to the hair follicles is incredibly important for the survival of the hair.



There is a theory that resveratrol has an impact on cardiac health. This theory is based on one potential reason: its down regulation of inflammatory response.

The anti-inflammatory effects that the substance has may provide another benefit, as inflammation is often associated with issues of hair loss.

So the main resveratrol benefits that comes with the substance is healthy cardiac function and anti-inflammatory. Healthy cardiac functioning promotes blood flow as well as skin and follicle health.

Anti-inflammatory reduces the potential for symptoms of hair loss that are related to issues of inflammation.

Wrapping it up

The resveratrol benefits are…

  • Improves overall cardiovascular health, which promotes full body wellness
  • Reduces the effect of age-related issues which includes age-related hair loss
  • Improves overall health and reduces effects of underlying issues related to hair loss
  • Anti-inflammatory attributes the substance has can help combat the negative impacts of inflammation on hair loss
  • Improves endothelial function which can help promote blood flow to the hair follicles which is important if you want your hair to grow

Photo: healthmindandkat via Flickr.