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Just How Fast Does the Hair Grow? We Found Out!

How fast does the hair grow?

How fast does the hair grow? Not fast enough if you ask every woman on Earth. But there is information about how fast it grows. So how fast is it and what is happening when hair starts to grow?

What Happens When the Hair Grows?

Cell division is responsible for the hair growth cycle. When new cells are produced, they push the hair forward to make it longer, so the new hair is added to the root. A healthy scalp contains around 100,000 hairs and each one of these hairs lasts, under normal healthy conditions, for one up to six years. And during one day you lose 100 hairs, so do not be afraid if you see them laying around, it is normal to leave that many behind. The fallen hairs are under normal and healthy conditions replaced with new hair.

Which Are the Phases That the Hair Goes Through When it Grows?

During its life, your hair goes through three phases of growth: the anagen, the telogen and the catagen. The anagen is the first phase, with new hair growing on your head. The catagen is the following phase when the hair stops growing because cell division stopped. The telogen is the final phase where the hair starts growing in the papilla and finally, the old hair falls out. Taking additional hair supplements are always a good idea no matter the phase the hair is going through. Nutrafol’s hair nourishing supplements support the hair from within, providing your hair with the essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

So How Fast Does the Hair Grow?

The speed of hair growth is individual, but if one needs to estimate roughly it is 1,25 centimeters or 0,5 inches per month, being 15 centimeters or 6 inches per year. But the older you get, the slower it goes  – 0,25 centimeters or 0,1 inch per month.


How fast does the hair grow?
Is 0,5 inches per month not enough for you? Try Nutrafol’s supplements for strong, healthy, happy hair.

Does the Hair Grow Faster in Any Particular Part of the Head?

One might think that if you have bangs, the hair there grows faster. But that is simply an illusion. Hair grows at the same speed all over your head. Many cut bangs just above the eyebrows and because of this the slightest hair growth will be visible faster.

If You Are Wearing a Turtleneck, Will the Hair Grow Faster and How Fast Does the Hair Grow Then?

Turtleneck and hair growth, do they have anything in common? Will your hair actually grow more wearing one, and how fast does the hair grow then? Unfortunately it will not. However wearing a turtleneck will make you think your hair grew longer faster, and it may also make you think it is exactly what happened. But it is not. And it did not. It is just an illusion because of the straight line of the turtleneck. So to answer the question – how fast does the hair grow when wearing a turtleneck – not fast enough.

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