Hair Loss Drugs: Propecia Side Effects Men Might Want to Know About

Propecia side effects

If you take one of the most common hair loss drugs on the market, it is easy to simply trust the brand. But there are some propecia side effects in particular that men might want to know more about.

What is Propecia and How Does it Work?

Finasteride is the generic name for the brand hair loss drugs Propecia and Prosper. The drugs were originally meant for treatment of enlarged prostate glands. But as it was being tested on patients, doctors noticed a side effect that for once was only positive. The men treated with the drug experienced increased hair growth, and it became the first pill to treat hair loss in men. It works through preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT. This is a more potent hormone that causes male pattern baldness.

What Are Some Propecia Side Effects?

Many men that suffer from hair loss take propecia without knowing it could cause long-term sexual problems, like erectile dysfunction. The Propecia side effects are the same as for the drugs Proscar and Avodart.

Propecia received renewed attention recently when President Trump’s longtime doctor Harold N. Bornstein revealed that the president takes it to battle male pattern baldness. And there are also other side effects, like swelling in the hands and feet, dizziness, headaches and skin rashes, that are not that nice to experience.

Propecia side effects
Propecia side effects include erectile dysfunction, dizziness and headaches.

A research team at Northwestern University looked into the matter. They found that a relatively small amount of men, 1.4 %, that took the drugs suffered from erectile dysfunction. The problem, however became significant for those who did. The dysfunction lasted for over 3.5 years after they stopp taking the medicine. Also, as many as 4.5 percent of all men who took these medications experienced short-term erectile dysfunction.

This is because the drugs act on the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which converts testosterone into its active form. Testosterone is complicated, because too much or too little of it can have the opposite effect. For the makers of finasteride, there have unfortunately been at least 1,300 lawsuits filed against them.