Female Hair Loss and How to Prevent it

Female hair Loss

Female hair loss may be less observed than men’s, but fact is that 40 percent of all women will have visible hair loss or thinning hair by the age of 40. Hair loss can be devastating. It can make you feel depressed or fill you with anxiety in social situations. What if there was a way to help slow down the process or prevent it from happening altogether?

Top 4 Causes For Female Hair Loss

Hormonal Changes: Menopause, new medications, birth control, pregnancy, thyroid conditions, stress, genetics, and surgery.

Hair Products: Overuse of flatirons, curling irons, blow dryers, hair products, relaxers, and chemical coloring products.

Poor Nutrition: Iron deficiency, crash dieting, fatty foods, and too much sugar intake can all cause hair loss in women.

Traction Alopecia: This is a hair condition that is caused by wearing your hair in very tight ponytails or applying daily force on it – topknots or tight headgear are common causes.

What Should I Do About it?

Female pattern baldness affects millions of American women. The Savin Scale is a common measurement that can define the density of the hair as a whole. It can determine what range your head of hair falls into and ranges from normal to bald. Which range you fall into can determine what your next steps should be to prevent that the situation grows worse.

Caring For Your Hair and Scalp

If you are suffering from significant female hair loss, just starting to lose your hair, or have thinning hair, don’t give up! You can prevent or reverse hair loss by making a few changes.

Consider eating better. Stock up on foods containing healthy nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, protein, and foods rich in vitamin B. Be sure to eat eggs, fat fish like salmon, mussels, fruits, vegetables like carrots and spinach, beans, and lean meats.

Take care of your scalp, and massage it. This helps with blood circulation and keeps the scalp moisturized. Use your favorite oil if you like and move in gentle circular motions, massaging for five to ten minutes per day. Use this same technique when shampooing.

Female hair Loss
Blow drying your hair or using other heated styling tools can cause your hair to break.

Be kind to your hair, and avoid heated hair tools and too many styling products. Air-dry the hair when you can. This will prevent the hair shafts from breaking off and make your hair look fuller.

Switch your hair part. Just changing the direction of your hair will make it look like it has way more volume to it and will help mask a bit of the thinning.

Change your brush. Using brushes with boar bristles or flexible nylon are better for your hair than metal ones, that can heat up too much in conjunction with blow dryers, or cause breakage with the hard bristles.

Don’t Give Up

There are many ways to prevent female hair loss. Times have changed and hair health remedies are becoming plentiful. Choose what works best for you – you are in control of your health. Many modern hair supplements contain only natural ingredients that give you nutrition from the inside out. Healthy hair growth is a stepping-stone to helping you feel better about yourself, and to boost your self-esteem and confidence.