Say goodbye to hair breakage and hello to healthy hair

Maintaining healthy hair can sometimes be very tricky. And it is true that breakage happens when your hair is brittle – from treatments, from elements from pretty much whatever. So to avoid the avoidable, follow these simple steps. Healthy hair starts with… Your shampoo If your hair is even the slightest bit dry, try avoiding […]

Hair growth and you – this is what you can do

Your hair is one of your best accessories – that is something that Nutrafol believes in. So follow these hair growth tips to keep it that way. Hair growth 101 Choose a good hairbrush It all starts with the hairbrush. And the best hairbrush that you can choose for regenerating hair growth, is a boar […]

This is How You Can Tell Whether You Will Go Bald

There is a saying that you inherit your hair from your mother’s side of the family, more precisely, if your mother’s father is bald, the chances are that you will also experience hair loss. But nowadays, it is known that your father’s genes play an equally big part in deciding the hairiness of your head. […]

Best hair treatment for dry damaged hair

Nutrafols previous post talked about some good hair treatment for dry damaged hair due to the harsh summer weather. This post will continue on that path, giving you the rest of the home remedies that will save your hair this summer. Hair treatment for dry damaged hair to have in mind Apply a natural condition […]

What Does Sulfate Free Shampoo Mean, and is it Better for Your Hair?

There has been a lot of talk about sulfates here and sulfates there, but what do they actually do to your hair? And is switching to a sulfate free shampoo better? Sulfates 101: Sulfates are detergents, that much is clear. And they are found in most rinse-off products, shampoo being one of them. Sulfate shampoos […]

Try this resveratrol boosting smoothie to prevent hair loss

In a previous post, Nutrafol mentioned the importance of taking resveratrol supplements, but there is also other ways to increase your intake. And those are…. …by eating well The supplements are a great resveratrol source but it does not mean that you need to limit yourself to only that. Ingesting resveratrol through your diet is […]