The Difference Between Hair Texture and Hair Types

Do you feel like your hair is lifeless, dull and dry? Is it frizzy and impossible to tame into a “do”? Many articles claim to have tips on how to improve your hair texture. But dry hair is not a hair texture; it just describes what state your hair is in. Your hair texture is […]

So Many Hair Terms – Understanding Your Hair Structure

Hair structure is not the same as hair texture, which is not the same as hair type – it can be confusing to keep track of all the different terms when it comes to hair health. We will help you sort out the terminology. Keratin – the Essential Building Block Every hair on your head […]

Impossible to Grow a Movember Beard? You Could Have Alopecia Barbae

Movember is upon us and with that a lot of unshaven beards and mustaches. November is the month that represents the fight against diseases that primarily affect men, prostate cancer in particular. To show solidarity with this cause, thousands of men drop their buzzer and let beards grow freely for the month. But this is […]