Scalp Cooling: A Way To Combat Hair-Loss During Chemotherapy

A trademark side effect of cancer is hair loss, but that no longer has to be the case. The effectiveness of scalp cooling, a method to prevent chemotherapy induced hair loss, has been outlined in several recent studies conducted at University of California, San Francisco and University of Baylor College of Medicine. What is Scalp […]

Have you heard about phytonutrients? – This is what you need to know!

  Phytonutrients have the abilities to increase production of signaling molecules that stimulate the follicles, to enter into the growth phase of the hair cycle. But, what do we know about these nutrients and how do they affect you? What is phytonutrients? Phytonutrients are chemicals produced by plants. They are also called phytochemicals. Plants use phytonutrients to stay healthy. […]