So Many Hair Terms – Understanding Your Hair Structure

Hair structure is not the same as hair texture, which is not the same as hair type – it can be confusing to keep track of all the different terms when it comes to hair health. We will help you sort out the terminology. Keratin – the Essential Building Block Every hair on your head […]

How To Avoid Seasonal Hair Shedding During the Cold Months

The colder season is upon us, and during these winter months it pays off to spend a little extra time and effort on your hair. In a previous post, three experts explained why seasonal hair shedding is occuring. We are continuing on the subject by asking dermatologists Jeremy Fenton and Emily Wise Shanahan what precautions you can take […]

Impossible to Grow a Movember Beard? You Could Have Alopecia Barbae

Movember is upon us and with that a lot of unshaven beards and mustaches. November is the month that represents the fight against diseases that primarily affect men, prostate cancer in particular. To show solidarity with this cause, thousands of men drop their buzzer and let beards grow freely for the month. But this is […]

Study: Biotin Deficiency in Women with Hair Loss

Many hair growth supplements contain biotin, but science is skeptical about its effectiveness. Biotin – also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7 – is a popular ingredient in many hair growth supplements. It’s an important factor in many biological processes, including the growth of healthy skin, nails, and hair. Symptoms of biotin deficiency include […]

Research Review: Is Biotin Supplementation Worth the Hype?

Biotin is included in most supplements for hair and nails, even tho biotin deficiency in humans is rare. Researchers are starting to question if it is worth the hype. So what’s the answer? Is biotin supplementation really effective? The Function of Biotin in Our Bodies Biotin belongs to the B vitamin complex and is also […]