Why the Best Hair Growth Supplements Use the 4-R Approach

best hair growth supplements

The best hair growth supplements on the market will not work unless you also have a healthy body. A body with balanced hormones, a strong immune system, scalp stimulation and without inflammations.

All those things together is what prevents premature aging, which is one of the causes of hair loss. Individual factors like over-styling doesn’t cause bad hair health alone. This also means that no amount of conditioners or special shampoos will prevent it.

Vitamins alone won’t do the trick either. While important, vitamins and minerals need other substances to help you absorb them so they work optimally. The best hair growth supplements contain ingredients that work together with each other to make the result as efficient as possible. That is exactly why our 4-R Approach includes botanicals, adaptogens, natural vasodilators, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. They all work together to keep your hair healthy from the inside out. (Read about 4-R for men here / 4-R for women here)

Vitamins For Hair Health

That said, you still need to think about getting sufficient vitamins and minerals, so make sure you get your  Recommended Daily Allowance of these:

Vitamin B: B vitamin helps produce red blood cells and turn the food you eat into energy. You can get it by eating green, leafy vegetables, peas, meat, and dairy.

Vitamin D: Most associated with skin and bone health, recent research is pointing toward Vitamin D for both waking up dormant hair follicles and creating new ones.

Vitamin A: Fruits and vegetables are rich in beta-carotene, which the body turns into Vitamin A. And this vitamin does a lot more than just help your vision. It aids cell growth and division, helps the production of white blood cells, and plays a part in building of the bones of the body.

Zinc: The essential mineral zinc is good for most functions in the body – it boosts the immune system and helps when you have a cold. Zinc deficiency can cause Hypothyroidism, which means the thyroid doesn’t produce enough of its hormone thyrolixine, resulting in a slowdown of the body’s function and metabolism. This is a recognized cause of hair loss. Zinc can be found in red meat, beans, poultry and whole grains.

Vitamins C & E: If you see the word tocotrienols, it means a form of Vitamin E that comes from palm oil and is proven to increase hair growth. Vitamin C is good for your overall health. Both vitamins C and E are powerful natural antioxidants. they are substances that fight free radicals, which are cells responsible for aging and disease.

Biotin: One of the symptoms of Biotin deficiency is hair loss. Biotin is part of the Vitamin B family. If you take oral antibiotics, anti-seizure medications or have absorption issues, your need for Biotin will increase. Be especially careful if you eat raw eggs on a frequent basis. This is because the whites contain a protein called avidin which binds to the biotin, making it less efficient.

The Best Hair Growth Supplements For You

Nutrafol addresses every possible cause of hair thinning and hair loss. Each one of our ingredients works together with the others to assure the best possible absorption. Our supplements are available for both men and women.

best hair growth supplements
Nutrafol’s 4-R Approach includes all vitamins and minerals to work on your hair from the inside and out.