To Blow-Dry or Not? The Best Hair Dryer Tips to Protect Your Hair

Best Hair Dryer

For many of us, a hair dryer is just a tool that is always there. It has looked the same for a very long time, we might not even look for the best hair dryer. About a year ago, the British industrial designer and inventor Richard Dyson launched his new, revolutionizing hair dryer – the Dyson Supersonic. He pointed out that dryers have looked the same for the past 60 years. It is a part of peoples everyday routine, we might not realize that there is a problem with it.

Most of us know that we should be careful with how much we use heat tools on our hair. At the same time it is close to impossible to never do it at all. What if you have a super bad hair day the same day as an important meeting when you need to feel confident? In fact, 75.5 percent of women and 24.5 percent of men in the U.S. regularly use a hair dryer. This adds up to a lot of time, watts and burned scalps. That is why Dyson wanted to create a hair dryer that is gentle on the hair and smarter for your wallet. But then you might wonder, how much of a difference can there really be?

We are not really sure, but Dyson definitely believed he could create the best hair dryer, and spent four years and 600 prototypes on creating the perfect one. He said there were 103 engineers involved that tested it out on more than 1,010 miles of hair and did 7,000 acoustic tests, as they wanted to create a silent and fast tool. The company had help from celebrity stylist Jen Atkin, whose client list includes names like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and Katy Perry. She is now the brand ambassador.

The only problem with such a well-researched product is that the price tag lands on $399. This probably feels like a little too hefty for many of us, but regardless of what brand of appliance you have, there are some general rules for how to take care of your hair and make heat styling less damaging.

The Best Hair Dryer Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair

Best Hair Dryer
Which products you use will determine how often you need to wash and dry your hair. Make sure to always use a heat protectant before exposing your hair to any heat.

Use a Tool With Different Settings

It can be hard to know which the best hair dryer is, but whichever model you choose, you can protect your hair by adapting the settings of your hair dryer – fine, thin hair needs a lower temperature, while thicker hair can handle a higher one (although generally not the highest). The way more expensive tools can make a difference is by how fast they act. If your hair dryer has more power and stronger air flow it will dry your hair faster and reduce the time you need to expose your hair to hot air.

Use a Heat Protectant

Definitely, always use a heat protectant. There are many different variants of heat protectant sprays to protect your hair from the heat tool you are using. Spray it in the hair and comb it through to spread it evenly.

Do Not Style Too Often

If you deep cleanse your hair and style it properly, it will last for several days and you can let your hair rest in between. Also, let the hair dry halfway naturally before blow-drying it to spare it from the damaging heat. When you do blow your hair, keep your distance – at least eight inches away – and keep the dryer moving to spread the heat evenly.

Never Wear Wet Hair Up

Remember to not put your hair in a ponytail or bun when it is wet. The hair is more sensitive when wet and it will damage it.

Hair Masks

A moisturizing hair mask will revitalize your hair and make it strong and shiny. Use it about once a week after washing. You can also make one yourself with what you have in your kitchen.

Leave-In Conditioner and Oils

After washing your hair it is always a good idea to apply a leave in conditioner. This allows it to let it soak up even more moisture. After styling your hair, rub some Moroccan oil or coconut oil in your hands and pull through your hair. This will help apply some long lasting shine and moisture. If you just want a shiny finish, only apply it on the lower half of your hair. If you are looking for increased hair growth, massaging oil into your scalp will get your blood circulation going and moisturize your scalp.

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