5 Steps to Creating a Healthy Hair Regimen

Healthy Hair

As you may know, healthy hair does not just grow overnight no matter how bad we wish it would. What you need to boost healthy hair growth is a regimen and a commitment to the process. When you get used to your new healthy hair routine, you will no doubt see results and enjoy your beautiful hair. But how do you get started? Creating a healthy hair growth regimen may seem overwhelming, but it really is not. Follow these five simple steps, and you will start seeing the change in your hair within weeks.

1. Change your styling routine

Before you start anything else too dramatic, start by evaluating how you manage your hair on a daily basis. Do you scrub it with extra sudsy shampoo, yank a brush through it, blow dry it, curl it, or use tons of products in it? Do you yank it back to style it, or play with it all day long? Three words: cut it out! This is harder for women than for men, but it is so important to just let your hair be. Stop shampooing it every day, use gentle products, and do not yank or style it to death. Every time you interact with your hair, think: “Be gentle.” You will notice a difference immediately.

2. Spoil your hair weekly

It is probably hard to find time in your busy schedule to make time for just your hair, but if you want healthy hair, this is the way to do it. Use an oil treatment once a week in your hair, and let it soak in for a few hours before you rinse it out. Try not to shampoo it until the next morning to let the oils really soak in. There are tons of ideas and recipes out there for creating a great hair mask or rinse – use these once a week as well.

3. Eat fats and proteins

If you are a notorious dieter, make sure you do not cut out the fats and proteins. You need lean protein and Omega 3 fatty acids to help your hair grow. Introduce nuts, veggies, fish (like halibut and salmon) into your diet, and cut out junk like caffeine, processed foods, and carbs. Your hair (and body) will thank you within a matter of weeks.

Healthy Hair
To protect your hair from damage, tuck it in when it is windy and do not let it tangle too much.

4. Prevent damage. 

You have already changed your hygiene and beauty routines, but you also need to think about other factors that result in damage. Did you know the sun can actually damage your hair as much as your skin? It dries and fries it, leaving it broken and unhealthy. Cover your hair when you are in the sun for a long time, and avoid frequent contact with chlorine from pools or salt from oceans. Tuck your hair in when it is windy, and do not let it get tangled while you sleep. Protect your hair just like you do your skin, and you will see how healthy it grows in no time.

5. Create balance 

Anyone who has experienced hair loss or thinning knows that their hair is closely connected to their overall health and mentality. If you find yourself wanting to rip your hair out at work – that is a sign! If you are unhealthy and have not been to a doctor to see what to do about it, your hair will show it. Your hair is a sign that you are either in balance, or you are not. Pay attention to it. Reduce stress, eat better, take better care of yourself, and your healthy hair growth will amaze you.

Healthy Hair Through Supplements

If you are already taking steps to create a healthy hair regimen and need an extra boost, or maybe your problems are due to other things such as deficiency in some vitamin, there are plenty of hair supplements with totally natural ingredients that could be an option for you.