5 Natural Hair Loss Solutions That Really Work

Hair Loss Solutions

Many tips for Natural Hair Loss solutions have little scientific research to back it up with.
So here are 5 natural hair loss solutions are supported by clinical research.

Hair loss solutions #1 Onion Juice

A study from 2002, looked at the results and affects of onion juice applied to areas that had suffered from hair loss. The results were impressive with nearly 94% of men and 71% of women experiencing convincing results. Juice enough onions to create a paste that can be applied to the scalp. The study encouraged participants to apply the juice twice daily for two months. Results were shown in the experimental group after two weeks.

Hair loss solutions #2 Green Tea

A 2005 study showed significant hair growth of those, who in an experimental group, were given dehydrated green tea in their drinking water. The polyphenolic mixture found in the tea is responsible for the reaction. Therefore, drinking green tea several times a day is therefore considered a solution for hair loss. However, many people have had great success in just applying the tea directly on the scalp as a mask.

Hair loss solutions #3 Essential Oils

A study from 1998, found aromatherapy to be very useful as a potential solution for hair loss. The herbs used were rosemary, cedarwood, thyme, and lavender. Therefore, combine a few drops of the essential oil into the carrier oil and massage into the scalp daily. It may take some testing to discover which oils work best for you.

Hair loss solutions #4 Saw Palmetto

The compounds in saw palmetto are similar to those found in many pharmaceuticals used to treat hair loss. The plant blocks some of the hormonal effects that can lead to hair loss, similar to the drug Propecia. As a result, when applied directly to the scalp many patients experience an increase in overall hair thickness. This in turn leads to the appearance of fuller hair.

Hair Loss Solutions
For a hair growth boost use herbs like saw palmetto.

Hair loss solutions #5 Stress Reduction

Stress is the primary cause of several types of hair loss. in addition, focusing on the factors which are causing unhealthy levels of stress in the individual’s life can help the affected hair follicles to recover and regrow.

Proven stress relivers include mindfulness, meditation, physical activity, music, laughter, and yoga. In addition, time in nature, and quality time with friends and family are also great natural hair loss solutions.

In conclusion, trying one, or several, of these natural hair loss solutions will let you gain control of the health of your hair. Finally, most solutions do take the time to show any effect. So, be patient and give these options the best chance of working.