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All naturalhair-health restorative.

Why leave healthy hair to chance? Jumpstart a healthy hair growth cycle from within when triggers like stress, aging, hormones, genetics and overstyling, take a toll on your hair.

Introducing “hair nutraceuticals”. These are not just simple vitamins. These powerful botanicals act as plant medicines able to target many more causes at the root of compromised hair health than hair nourishment formulations could ever imagine. New technologies exist today to harmlessly extract the most therapeutic-active plant parts and concentrate them to achieve unprecedented efficacy in addressing many more underlying causes at the root of poor hair health. 

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A key ingredient in NUTRAFOL® is made from a patented natural palm oil tocotrienol extract that was clinically proven to increase hair growth on average by 34.5%*

15U.S. Patents.
Natural Ingredients.

15 U.S. Patents. 20 Ultra-Pure, Ultra-Potent, Natural Ingredients.1 ‘Smart’ Supplement.

We created NUTRAFOL® without fillers, and with powerful nutraceutical-grade extractions to provide therapeutic benefits that go beyond those of vitamins and minerals. Our proprietary extraction processes first isolate the highly concentrated plant-based phytochemicals of NUTRAFOL®’s natural ingredients, then empowers them to work synergistically for the greatest efficacy — directly at the multiple root causes of thinning hair.*


Irrefutable Science and an Innovative, Synergistic Approach

Our findings revealed a need for a multi-targeted approach that addresses the underlying factors at the root of poor hair health. Our specifically engineered synergistic formulation, at the heart of which is our proprietary Synergen Complex®, delivers an integrative solution to address four stages of healthy hair growth, ultimately optimizing the ability jump start a healthier hair growth cycle.*


Uncompromising Quality

A conscientious selection of ingredients is behind NUTRAFOL’s purity and potency. Choice therapeutic plants are meticulously selected and their phytochemicals carefully extracted to obtain their purest, most powerful molecules. Sanctioned by the world’s foremost biotechnology experts, this process ensures that these bio-actives target the four stages of better hair health and optimal wellness.*



Integrity at Its Core

With the insights gained from our exhaustive clinical research, and our findings confirmed by the leading experts in medical community, NUTRAFOL’s ingredients were rigorously measured to an exacting amount, significant in its spectrum, and clinically tested to be highly efficacious.


Health Benefits beyond your hair

Knowing the unpleasant side effects of pharmaceutical hair-loss formulas, we were committed to NUTRAFOL® being both highly effective and healthy. It not only benefits your hair, but also your well-being: the condition of your hair is a perfect reflection of that.



“I have never been so happy or felt so confident with my hair!”*

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