Nutraceutical Wellness was founded in 2014—by two friends most personally, acutely aware of the impact hair loss can have on your health and happiness, your work life and love life. Your self-esteem, your every day.


Like most everyone out there who has experienced thinning hair and loss, Roland Peralta and Giorgos Tsetis had resigned themselves to the myths (and the drugs, and the side effects of those drugs) surrounding their symptoms. They’d accepted what everyone from big pharm to close friends had been telling them for years: that hair loss was genetic and inevitable, that their prospects for new hair growth had been determined long ago by old ancestors. That this was their fate, their inheritance.

Driven by very different life circumstances but similarly at a loss with the hair-growth products out there—Giorgos and Roland and their scientific medical research team together discovered the power of newly developed clinically proven natural ingredients to support their theories.


For the first time, they understood (and went on to prove) why there’s a lot more at play than DNA around the complicated issue of hair loss.


Giorgos, a New York based industrial engineer and an international fashion model represented by over a dozen agencies worldwide including Wilhelmina Models, had been taking a drug Propecia since his early 20s as a preventative hair loss treatment. Like his father and his grandfather, he was genetically predisposed to early hair loss and thinning hair. Soon after, Giorgos began experiencing the symptoms associated with Finasteride (Propecia)—namely compromised libido and sexual dysfunction.


He faced the decision so many men have had to make around the drug, a potent DHT inhibitor: Lose your hair or lose your sex drive. Only for him, losing his hair meant losing his career as a model. Giorgos learned to cope with the harmful side effects of a pharmaceutical solution.


In other words, Giorgos became highly motivated to find a safe and effective solution to hair loss. It was during this time that he met up with his friend Roland for dinner one evening. He’d known Roland, a 25-year fashion- and hair-industry executive was a thyroid cancer survivor who’d recently been having a tough time around some health issues. So Giorgos was thrilled to see his friend looking so well, including that his hair appeared to be thriving and there was more of it than Giorgos could ever remember seeing.


As it turns out, the answer for Roland was exactly what Giorgos had been questing for—potent natural ingredients. Rather than blindly taking a host of medications, Roland had turned to researching nutraceuticals for their promise in alleviating symptoms he’d been experiencing around rheumatoid arthritis. Within a few months of taking them, he told Giorgos, his RA suffering had subsided. This was wonderful enough. But then, he said, a few months later, he started noticing a change in the quality of his hair. Not only was it feeling thicker and less dry, but new hair had actually begun to grow.


How was it that taking ingredients to relieve symptoms associated with RA had dramatically reversed the hair loss Roland had been resigned to? Was it possible that long-dormant follicles had kicked back into action? Could nutraceuticals combat hair loss while providing benefits, rather than harm, to overall health?


Giorgos and Roland both had many science questions needed answered so together they rounded up a team of the most holistic minded medical professionals and anti-aging researchers in NYC.


The answer, the two friends and their scientific advisory team ultimately discovered, is the story of their company.


  • It’s a story of clinically-tested, clinically-proven natural ingredients that actually treat the causes—rather than the symptoms—of hair loss.

  • It’s a story that confirms the inextricable link between inner wellness and outer beauty.

  • It’s a story about two guys who invested a significant percentage of their personal savings to deliver a solution—free of drugs, free of side effects—to men and women who suffer from hair thinning and loss.

  • It’s a story of the wondrous results of pairing science and nature, the motivation of personal experience with the expertise of medical professionals—a story of friendship, personal passion for health, wellness and beauty.

  • It’s the story of new growth.



Dr. Maria Kon, PhD, MD, Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Dr. Sebastien Lighvani, MD, Assistant Professor Weil at Cornell Medical College

Dr. Sophia Kogan, MD at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine