the 4-R approach


Simple hair loss vitamin and mineral formulations alone are outdated treatments for hair loss.

The latest research findings conclusively prove that for a hair growth formulation to be highly efficacious, a multi-targeted solution is critical. Mono-targeting (achieved by vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements) is insufficient — and outdated — as only one phase of hair growth is addressed.

For long-term prevention of hair loss and hair growth, an integrative approach is key to hair transformation. NUTRAFOL’s 4-R process addresses each critical stage of healthy hair’s full restoration, using clinically tested potent therapeutic nutraceuticals.*

  • DHT Inhibitors & Anti-stress Adaptogens

  • Anti-inflammatories & Antioxidants

  • Natural Vasodilators

  • Key Vitamins & Minerals, Amino Acids



NUTRAFOL’s comprehensive, synergistic 4-phase approach to resolving thinning hair and hair health, addresses a need for a long-term, efficacious, anti-aging solution as a nutritive, preventative and restoration.*


REBALANCE Helps rebalance harmful levels of stress hormones and DHT to reduce follicle damage.*

Using clinically tested, natural adaptogens NUTRAFOL® helps rebalance damaging levels of stress hormones and DHT in your body to minimize follicle damage.*



REPAIR Supports hair follicle restoration and helps reduce micro-inflammation.*

Next, the repair process can begin restoring damaged hair follicles. Using patented, clinically tested antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, NUTRAFOL® helps repair your hair follicles while fighting free radicals and inflammation in the hair root.



REVITALIZE Helps revive dormant follicles and increase scalp circulation to improve follicle function.*

With patented natural ingredients to improve scalp circulation, NUTRAFOL® helps revive your roots and jumpstart your hair’s growth cycle.*



REGROW Supports your hair's growth cycle and helps you grow fuller, healthier hair.*

Now revitalized, your follicles are empowered to absorb the building blocks of hair again. Once your follicles are properly absorbing essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, they return to their optimal state. This helps reactivate your hair’s growth cycle and enables you to grow fuller, healthier hair.*

A key ingredient in NUTRAFOL® is made from a patented natural palm oil tocotrienol extract that was clinically proven to increase hair growth on average by 34.5%*

*Beoy LA, Woei WJ, Hay YK. Effects of tocotrienol supplementation on hair growth in human volunteers. Trop Life Sci Res. 2010;21(2):91-9. Epub 2010/12/01. PubMed PMID: 24575202; PubMed Central PMCID: PMCPMC3819075.