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New Hair Research


The hair follicle is a dynamic mini-organ that undergoes perfectly calibrated cycles of growth, regression and rest. Each follicle has its own independent biological clock that ticks and signals the follicle to grow hair, loose hair or lay dormant. When out of balance, under attack, or its environment is altered, the process of hair production is disrupted.

New science proves how a multitude of internal and external triggers create an imbalance in the body’s immune system and metabolic pathways. At the follicle, this produces a never-ending cascade of free radicals, oxidative stress and inflammation.

Chronic inflammation generates damaging molecules, more free radicals and results in injury to the follicle that disrupts hair growth. Injury prompts the follicle and the immune system to respond by producing more of these chemical molecules – and these molecules, called cytokines is where the problem truly begins.


In our bodies, all communication happens through signaling molecules. In the follicles, too, very specific molecules are released to signal the follicle to either produce hair growth (anagen), regress (catagen), or rest (telogen).

Excess inflammation, free radicals and damaging chemical molecules dysregulate the signaling molecules responsible for regulating the hair growth cycle and hair production.

Signaling Molecules — when not properly regulated — will disrupt a healthy hair- growth cycle and follicle growth by sending a signal to the follicle to move into catagen (regression) phase, rather than anagen (growth) phase; and anagen signaling is essential for these hairs to be replaced.

This is the beginning of hair thinning. Simply put: You are not replacing the 100-200 hairs that normally fall out per day at the same rate.


In addition to the hair growth cycle being altered and the follicle now in an imbalanced state, the harmful inflammatory cascade leads to another important consequence:

  • The efficient delivery of nutrients to the follicle is compromised
  • The ability of the follicle to absorb nutrients is dramatically diminished

Our researchers coined the term DNAD or deficient nutrient absorption and delivery to describe the impoverished state of the follicle, which is essentially being starved as a result.


Vitamin and mineral formulations are an outdated approach for hair loss.

For long-term prevention of hair loss and hair regrowth, an integrative approach is key to hair transformation. NUTRAFOL’s 4-R amalgam addresses each critical stage of healthy hair’s full restoration using clinically tested potent therapeutic nutraceuticals.

  • DHT Inhibitors & Anti-stress Adaptogens

    First, NUTRAFOL helps naturally rebalance harmful levels of the stress hormone cortisol and DHT hormone (testosterone). Multiple patented DHT inhibitors and clinically proven anti-stress adaptogens in our Synergen Complex® work to minimize follicle damage.

  • Anti-inflammatories & Antioxidants

    Next, the repair process can begin restoring damaged hair follicles. Multiple patented and clinically proven super- antioxidants and anti-inflammatories help combat the damaging effects of free radicals, oxidative stress and micro-inflammation.

  • Natural Vasodilators

    Once follicles have been repaired and optimized, hair loss gradually stops. Natural vasodilators help revive dormant follicles by increasing micro- circulation to the scalp, boosting the delivery of nutrients that jump-start the hair growth cycle.

  • Key Vitamins & Minerals, Amino Acids

    Now revitalized, follicles are empowered to better absorb nutrients. Essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids help support your hair’s growth cycle for fuller, healthier hair. follicle damage.

A key ingredient in NUTRAFOL is made from a patented natural palm oil tocotrienol extract that was clinically proven to increase hair growth on average by 34.5%

We are theInspirationbehind the brand.

andLiving Proof

Having experienced serious hair loss ourselves, and unable to find anything on the market, despite product promises, we were driven to find a solution that was healthy and highly effective.

We began questioning — and testing — the existing formulations. And found that the majority contained fillers, ineffectual dosages, inactive and untested ingredients, and ingredients of indeterminate sources.
We began examining — and challenging — the existing research, and as many doctors and hair specialists as we could, traveling the world for answers. The data only went so far, and lacked insight into the true underlying causes of compromised hair health — and a legitimate solution.
Our radical discoveries led us to the creation of NUTRAFOL. The result of advanced science at the root of hair health, this breakthrough ‘smart’ supplement goes beyond hair nutrition— delivering benefits far exceeding those of vitamins and minerals.

Patented Ingredients

The NUTRAFOL® Synergen Complex® is composed of ingredients that are clinically proven to combat hair-damaging hormones, free radicals, inflammation, and stress – addressing the causes of unhealthy hair and empowering follicles to absorb nutrients and grow fuller, healthier hair.

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  • BCM-95®

  • Sensoril®

  • EVNoIMax®

  • USPlus®
    Saw Palmetto

  • Hydrolyzed
    Marine Collagen

  • Hyaluronic

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1. NICOLE - Age 30+

Nicole has been using NUTRAFOL® for 4 months. View her results.

2. ELENA - Age 35+

Elena has been using NUTRAFOL® for just 3 months. View her results.


1. TERESA - Age 45+

View Teresa’s results from using NUTRAFOL® for 7+ months.

Nutrafol® patients view their experiences are
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  • "Even my very skeptical and honest stylist told me she saw a lot of new growth coming in.
    Elena C., New York, NY
  • “I am getting towards the end of my 3 months’ supply and my results have just blown my mind. I have never been so happy or felt so confident with my hair!”
    Nicole G., Los Angeles, CA
  • "I’m so unbelievably grateful that my hairstylist in NYC recommended Nutrafol for women. My hair is feeling thicker and the texture is even changing!
    Ernesto C. Jr, New York, NY